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7 May 2018
Exploring the route of the Thanet Loop as a first step towards my contribution to a show which asked artists to respond to this locally infamous bus.
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Walking the route of the Thanet Loop bus

I was invited, alongside Dominic Rose, to contribute to the first in a series of site specific projects orchestrated by Margate artist Jo Murray. This first project is based around the Thanet Loop - a circular bus route that connects the three Thanet coastal towns of Margate, Broadstairs & Ramsgate with the inland out of town shopping centre that sits between them. After riding the route on the bus, my next step was to walk the route. These images were made by following the 19km route on foot. This walk led to me thinking about the relationship between this route, and the overlapping route of the old Thanet Trams and inland Ramsgate to Margate railway line, which form the basis of my final work.