Walking as a means of exploring the city, has been a long standing habit of mine, in fact with an art historian mother, I think I was taught to see (i.e. to be truly observent) pretty much at the same time I learnt to walk! My experience as an architecture student, and subsequently at the LCP, put this into an art/academic context with the situationalist’s idea of the derive, and the work of the artists such as Richard Long & Hamish Fulton being a subject of interest for some time.

Although this has been in the background for a while, I have never formalised this activity, and partly as a result this activity has rarely resulted in tangible outcome. However I am now intent to renew this habit of exploring on foot, and to formalise the outcomes.

Images and text from a selection of these walks will be added to this site, with others uploaded to my flickr account. To start off with I’ve added images from 4 specific walks from the last couple of years - more to be added soon.
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