Bal’lick Tower

This new work explores the relationship between Erno Goldfinger’s famous Trellick Tower in West London and it’s older, slightly smaller and less well known sibling, Balfron Tower in the East. Parallel views of an alternative, mythical tower and surrounding landscape are offered where east and west meet as glimpsed through the gaps between buildings as a circular route is picked around the tower(s).

A small publication was produced to accompany this series, for Jon's recent Visible City exhibition - an online version of this can be seen below. Here the two routes picked around the Tower(s) are overlaid onto a selection of the images.

The prints exhibited so far have been coarsely half-toned large format electrostatic transfer prints, while a limited edition set of smaller prints using a more traditional process is planned. The booklet was printed with a combination of laser & risograph machines.

The prints produced for exhibition are available to buy from my etsy shop.

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